The medium of instruction is english (only Hindi for J.A.C.) but the complete curriculum consists of english, hindi, sanskrit, history, civics, geography, economics, environmental science, social studies, mathematics, science, physics, chemistry and biology. Character formation and development of spiritual values are imparted regularly to students through the teaching of moral science. Physical and health education & community service form part of the curriculum.
Resource Center

Cpmputer Education point:

  • Well equipped computer centre with more than 10 computer system
  • Qualified computer Instructor.
  • 24 hrs Internet facilities.

Audio-Visual Education (Smart Class) :

  • Hi-tech class room.
  • Projection based teaching.

Laboratories :

  • Latest scientific calibrated instrument.
  • Well equipped laboratories.
  • Survey instrument.

Library :

  • A good selection of fiction for wide and valued reading.
  • Special care for backward child.
  • Books and magazines on various subjects of special interest
  • Fiction and clerics in hindi and english.
  • Books related to socio-economic and environmental issues
  • Books related to some important national and international personalities